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Just F⁑ing Write

An app for those who want to just f⁑ing write, but only have their smartphones with them.

Thumb-typing is a pain in the ass. Portrait keyboards are too small to use for any length of time, and the landscape versions never seem to let you see what's going on at all.

Just F⁑king Write is an Android writing app designed for landscape orientation. The curved keyboard defined makes it easier for the sweep of your thumbs to find the letters they are looking for, and the keys themselves are large.

App Instructions/Help



  • Tapping one of the white keys adds a character to the red floating text.
  • Holding a letter key produces the upper-case version of that character.
  • If a key has two symbols, holding it will produce the ‘grey’ option.
  • The BACKSPACE key is on the left!
  • The red text is automatically saved every ten seconds. If the save indicator is a ‘tick’ your text has been saved.
  • The exit button will only close the app if the text has been saved.
  • For faster typing – focus on the keys instead of the red text.

The blue buttons in the background control the app functionality, rather than typing text. Please refer to the images above along with the following explanations.

The red text is essentially a long string of text which includes invisible newline symbols. You can navigate forwards and backwards through the text using these cursor keys.

Closes the app if the text has been autosaved. On starting up the app again, the text will still be there.

This opens your device’s sharing popup. Apps that can accept text will be shown here. You can quickly insert what you have written into WhatsApp or an email, for example.

Holding down this button will delete all the red text. A red circle will appear around the button and get smaller to indicate how long you have to hold it down. Once deleted, this button turns into a one-off undo button. Clicking it, and the text will return. Start typing, and the deleted text is lost forever!

If this is a tick, the red text has been saved to the internal storage. Once you are typing, this happens once every 10 seconds. If you hold down this button, a copy of the text will be emailed to you. (You can set the email on the settings screen.)

There are only a few settings to explain:

On holding down the save indicator button on the main screen, a copy of the red text is set to the email address showing in the dotted box. To edit this email, click on the dotted box. The keyboard will be shown allowing you to type the email address. Press the enter key when finished.

Toggles to turn the typing sound and vibration on and off.

Opens this webpage.

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